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LA CASA VERDE (short film, produced)

Juana crosses Austin’s I-35 by foot each day to work at a car wash and home again.  At the mailboxes one night stands a beautiful, rich stranger. Juana follows her around the corner and up the stairs, where two women from very different worlds come one step closer.

I'll FLY AWAY (feature, unproduced)

Juna escapes her stepson’s addiction by fleeing into the mountains of Vermont. She dives into the peace of the mountains, meditation, and the Bhagavad Gita--leaving her husband in battle with his son in New York--until the family disease shows up again in Vermont and Juna discovers that true peace doesn’t come from running away.

THE JURY  (Episodic, Unproduced)

The last vestige of the government by the people, for the people. Each season a new trial, each episode a different juror. The pilot follows Juror #1, Nathan, a farmer whose suspicion that his son is drinking again drives his son away and forces Nathan to reckon with reasonable doubt.  

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